Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Exploring beyond borders, LCS unearths the wildest places to set up luxury camps: whatever the altitude or the weather, we invent one-night events or two-week adventures that follow the most exciting itineraries, for individuals, families or small groups. Walking, riding, driving, biking, flying, canoeing, skiing, sailing, dogsledding or simply relaxing, one just needs to pick a dream destination. We will do the rest. We offer custom solutions for high profile clients including itinerary design, documentation, logistics, transportation, accommodation, catering, expert guiding, security planning and medical staff assistance when needed.

The Experience

With LCS, journeys into the wild come in many forms: a luxury expedition deep into the Cambodian jungle with sleepovers on the site of unknown Khmer temples; a unique escape to an unexplored island and its countless pristine beaches; an adventure across the Bolivian Altiplano, sleeping on the edge of the Salar de Uyuni. Traveling off the beaten tracks with LCS, far from crowded touristic places, unfolds as a luxury experience: comfortable bedding, warm showers, local delicacies… camping, as a whole, is brought to stellar heights. Anywhere on the surface of the globe, we reinvent the magic of camping under the stars, turning adventure into unique journeys where wilderness is fully experienced without ever compromising on comfort. Staying at an LCS camp, our guests feel the emotion of discovery, live seldom moments in the heart of breathtaking sceneries, revive the lost tie with Nature and face surprising encounters.

Camp Concepts

Sourced for the right altitude and climate, LCS’ range of tented suites are perfectly fitted for any given adventure: they offer the comfort of a hotel room with a private bathroom, comfortable bedding, interior decoration and proper heating when needed . LCS’ catalogue includes a variety of of tents that are best adapted to certain weather conditions, latitudes and type of terrain. With many years of experience in selecting unique camp spots across Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America, we can help you to find the best location, select the most adapted equipment and create the best scenario according to climatic conditions, environmental impact and safety issues.